RitzyList is where real luxury lifestyle spenders are finding their next purchase. An exclusive environment for deep branding messaging.

RitzyList is a unique global channel to reach affluent, educated, and professional consumers. We offer an outstanding platform where buyers and sellers of high-end goods meet regardless of location or language. This provides an excellent opportunity for advertisers.

  • RitzyList targets a niche market and offers an extremely specific and valuable demographic.
  • We offer an unparalleled platform to target High Net Worth Individuals in The Kingdom of Bahrain
  • RitzyList reaches visitors who are very close to the point of purchase of luxury goods rather than general luxury-interested traffic.
  • The primary segment is male/female, discerning, interested, affluent, and business-minded with a passion for luxury products.

Our portfolio of solutions include:

  • Standard units
  • Native units
  • Section Integration
  • Full website integration
  • In-banner video
  • Vertical video stories
  • Articles
  • Social media

For more specific information and for a media kit please contact RitzyList