Bahrain Grand Prix set to be held in December

Bahrain Grand Prix set to be held in December

Formula 1 has announced that an opening calendar of eight races has been approved by the FIA to resume the season.

Earlier this year, the Bahrain Grand Prix was postponed in a bid to stop the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of drivers and fans.

Organisers are now planning to restart the season, with some countries hosting back-to-back weekend Grand Prixs to ensure between 15 and 18 races are held before the season closes.

This includes two in Bahrain, which, according to reports, will hold two races in December ahead of the traditional closing race in Abu Dhabi.

Yesterday’s announcement confirmed the season will resume with the Austrian Grand Prix from July 3 to 5.

A further seven races across Europe have also been confirmed, in Hungary, Great Britain, Spain, Belgium and Italy.

All eight races are expected to be held behind closed doors, with no trackside fans.

You can see the full calendar of races on the F1 website here.

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Bahrain Grand Prix could return in December 2020

The original Formula 1 weekend, which was set to take place between March 19 and 22, was postponed over coronavirus fears.

But organisers are now planning to finish the 2020 season in the Gulf, with the Bahrain Grand Prix taking place in December ahead of the traditional finale in Abu Dhabi.

Although the French Grand Prix, due to take place in late June, has also been cancelled, the F1 season is now expected to begin in July.

Early races, including the first race in Austria between July 3 and 5, are expected to take place without spectators.

Chase Carey, Chairman and CEO of Formula 1, said in a statement earlier today, “The health and safety of all involved will continue to be priority one and we will only go forward if we are confident we have reliable procedures to address both risks and possible issues.

“The FIA, teams, promoters, and other key partners have been working with us throughout these steps and we want to thank them for all their support and efforts during this incredibly challenging time.

“We also want to recognise the fact that the teams have been supporting us at the same time that they have been focusing enormous and heroic efforts to build ventilators to help those infected by COVID-19.”

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