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George Floyd protests: Nike, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, Adidas stores vandalised and looted by rioters in the US

George Floyd protests: Nike, Louis Vuitton, Macy’s, Adidas stores vandalised and looted by rioters in the US

Thousands of Americans have gathered across the country to protest against the killing of George Floyd. However, these ‘protests’ have now escalated into large-scale riots, vandalism and looting. Many stores, boutiques have been looted and destroyed by the violent rioters in various parts of the country.

The shocking visuals of violent mob destroying a Nike showroom in Chicago have gone viral now. A Chicago-based reporter Ben Pope shared horrific videos on Twitter, in which it can be seen how ‘protestors’ smashed the windows of a Nike store located at 669 Michigan Avenue.

The protestors can be seen looting the merchandise present inside the Nike store in Chicago. The violent mob left the store empty after vandalising and looting it.

Nike store on Michigan Ave smashed and completely looted

Embedded video

Neiman Marcus looting in progress on Magnificent Mile:

Embedded video

In another image shared by Ben Pope, an AT&T store on Michigan Avenue was also vandalised by the mob, who smashed the windows of the store. According to The Chicago Tribune report, the violent mob gathered at 2 PM near the Federal Plaza, which grew to a mass of 3,000 people by evening. By evening, the protestors turned violent by throwing fireworks and bottles at authorities.

AT&T store windows smashed at Michigan & Ontario

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Macy’s broken into. People taking off with bags and other merchandise.

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Not just in Chicago, the violent mob also resorted to vandalism in other parts of America. Reportedly, there were similar scenes at Flight Club, Supreme and Sole Stage on Fairfax Avenue in Los Angeles.

The Adidas flagship store in New York’s Manhattan area was also damaged and looted. Similarly, rioters were also seen looting a Villa shoe store in Rochester in New York

The Adidas flagship store in #Manhattan’s SoHo neighborhood was attacked and looted.

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Rioters looting VILLA shoe store.#Rochester #NY #GeorgeFloyd

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Similarly, several rioters broke into the Louis Vuitton store in Portland and looted the merchandise. The footage of the incident has now gone viral across social media platforms. The riots entered the store by breaking a glass door and robbed the goods present inside the store…rad the full article on www.opindia.com.

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