Here are 5 of Elon Musk’s  private car collection

Here are 5 of Elon Musk’s private car collection

Despite being focused on the future, Elon Musk is very much a fan of the past when it comes to his cars. With some truly unique metal forming a part of his remarkable collection, here are some of the cars that this billionaire, genius, space boy, and philanthropist has in his garage.


1- 1920 Ford Model T: An Inspiration For Pushing Boundaries

Here are 5 of Elon Musk's private car collection

The Ford Model T – a car that changed the automotive scene forever, and remains one of the most influential mass-marketed cars of all time. Not even Henry Ford could’ve predicted that his creation would genuinely push humanity into generalizing transport the way it did.

What’s particularly amorous about Musk’s Model T is that he didn’t actually buy it himself, rather, it was a gift from a friend. The exact reason for gifting it is not widely known, but isn’t it wonderfully poetic how arguably the most important car of the 20th century is stored in the collection barn of one of the most important car manufacturer CEOs of the 21st century?


2- 1967 Jaguar E-Type Roadster: A Lesson In Automotive Styling

Here are 5 of Elon Musk's private car collection

Elon Musk once revealed how he saw a Jaguar E-Type in a classic convertible catalog at the age of 17, and aside from saying that vintage cars are like bad girlfriends, he also stated that that was also the moment a young Elon decided that it would be a car he would bring home if ever he could afford it. Hilariously, it has broken down on him more times than he can count – including the journey home from the dealer after he spent around $35,000 to take it back to its forever home. Don’t you just irresponsible motoring decisions?


3- 2016 Tesla Model X: The Perfect Car For Elon?

Here are 5 of Elon Musk's private car collection

The 2023 Tesla Model X. After all, the CEO of any carmaker tends to let a few their own needs and wants to seep through into the cars they help create, and the Model X is no different.

Musk has previously stated that he actively enjoys his innovations as well. Notably, Musk revealed this information to the world a few years back through his Twitter account. A mid-size luxury crossover EV that has been in production since 2015, Musk loves the Model X for its practicality, as he uses it mainly when driving his kids.


4- 2019 Tesla Model S Performance: The Gamechanger

Here are 5 of Elon Musk's private car collection

This is also the car that drew inspiration from the V10-powered BM5 HAMANN example he has, and while that is plenty fast enough, it isn’t quite as dynamite as the Model S Plaid it inspired. For more information about this hugely impressive machine, check out the $20,000 Tesla Model S Plaid Track Pack is a 200 mph silent missile.


5- 2020 Tesla Cybertruck: A Taste Of What’s To Come

Here are 5 of Elon Musk's private car collection

Controversially designed, with bulletproof windows advertised, the Cybertruck has seen continued delays as a knock-on effect of the Coronavirus pandemic.

But that hasn’t derailed the interest Musk generated from the public in anticipation of the Cybertruck. By way of hype alone, it raised $20 million for Tesla with only $100 deposits. Sadly, while initial reports claimed that the Tesla Cybertruck had been delayed to 2023, the signs don’t look any more encouraging now. But we do know fully functioning examples exist since Musk attended a high-profile dinner at an exclusive restaurant in Malibu in 2019 behind the wheel of his very own example.

Success Short Story of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born on the 28th of June in 1971. He was born in one of the three capital cities of South Africa called Pretoria. He is the oldest of three siblings. Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk, is a successful engineer while Maye Musk, his mother, was a model and a nutritionist. 



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