The heart of any home lies in the kitchen. Every homeowner dreams of having a classy kitchen outfitted with top-notch appliances. If you’re a food and wine connoisseur, you shouldn’t shy from adding a little sophistication to your kitchen. After all, you’ve invested so much in making your kitchen a beautiful space.

The essence of acquiring kitchen appliances is to have them work for you. With revolutionary technology, preparing meals is now faster and easier. Now, you may think that spending a lot of money on ovens and wine chillers is unnecessary, but no, it’s worth every penny.

Below are a few appliances that will transform any cooking space into the modern kitchen of your dreams.

Vitamix Ascent Series A3500 Smart Blender


A blender is an absolute must for any kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a serious home chef or a takeaway champion who owns a single spoon.

Despite being pricey, Vitamix continues to hold a powerful presence in the blending world. Ask any smoothie lover, and they would go for a Vitamix blender.

This machine has a variable speed control that enables you to set the exact texture and thickness you want. With its built-in digital timer and high powered blending, Vitamix is perfect for making soups, almond milk, or mixing up a drink recipe using blueberry syrup.

Even better, you can sync up the blender to your phone via the Vitamix app. The app automatically offers you blending recipes and adjusts the container size settings.

Wine Enthusiast Classic 70 Dual Zone Wine Cellar


What better way to relax than slowly downing your wine while listening to some soft music? You only identify as an official wine connoisseur if you own a quality wine fridge.

Vinotemp is renowned for its quality range of wine chillers. This stand-alone cellar stores up to seventy vino bottles. Also, the doors have triple panel UV filters so your wine maintains its original taste.

The chiller comes with separate temperature zones for red and white wine. This wine fridge is fitted with an adjustable thermostat to ensure the wine retains its ideal temperature. Happy hour can be any hour! Adding LED lights to your Vinotemp makes your wine collection simply breathtaking.

Miele Dishwasher


A dishwasher is a must-have for any luxury kitchen. The Miele Dishwasher is certainly not cheap, but it’s worth the price. One thing you’ll love about this appliance is that it takes care of your glasses. Soft water is known to have an aggressive effect on glass. However, with Miele, it cleans the glasses gently thus ensuring longevity.

Also, the machine’s display tells you much time is left until your dishes are spotless. Miele dishwasher comes with a child lock to prevent unwanted access while cleaning is ongoing.

The most outstanding quality of this dishwasher is that it’s quiet. Also, it has excellent drying and is durable. Once you get yourself this machine, there’s no turning back.

The June Oven


This kitchen appliance comes in handy particularly for people with limited counter spaces. It’s a 13″× 19″ countertop oven. Just like any other oven, the June Oven can be used for baking and roasting. Also, it has provisions for toasting, broiling, and air-frying.

If you get nervous in the kitchen, go for the June oven. The oven is fitted with sensors and internal cameras to detect what’s cooking.

The most unique feature of this appliance is its unique programming. It’s able to see what you place in the oven and set itself accordingly. All you have to do is press the start button.

The control panel is intuitive to navigate. Also, you can remotely monitor the food’s progress from your phone.

KitchenAid Copper Stand Mixer


If you’re a lover of baking, you shouldn’t debate whatsoever about getting a KitchenAid Stand Mixer. For most bakers, this appliance is the epitome of success. Not only do these machines look amazing, but also they save you the hustle of mixing dough manually.

The stand mixers come in a wide variety of colors, thus they blend in with most kitchen designs. The most supreme mixer is the Limited Edition Pro Version. It comes with a bowl and a 1.3Hp motor. The outside has a superb copper coating. With this appliance, be assured to bake like a pro, even if you aren’t one.

If you’re looking for an upgrade in your appliances, then treat yourself to the best quality. Luxury appliances not only add glam to your kitchen but are also super effective. They are exactly what you need for happy and fruitful cooking sessions. Read the full article on