Taylor Swift Accidentally Swallows a Bug During her Eras Tour

Taylor Swift Accidentally Swallows a Bug During her Eras Tour

I just swallowed a bug,” Swift moaned


 Taylor Swift swallowed a bug on stage Sunday night, as she wrapped her weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field on the ongoing Eras Tour.

Taylor Swift Accidentally Swallowed a Bug

During Chicago Show

But Swift, a seasoned stage performer and consummate professional, was hardly shook. She quickly rattled off a few jokes about the incident, and much like she did to that bug, the crowd ate it up. (We did too, to be clear.)

was delicious

“That was delicious,” Swift joked as her audience erupted in laughter. Check out the full clip at the top of the page.

Swift was trying to introduce her new piano player, Karina DePiano, when the pesky insect somehow made its way into the pop star’s mouth.

“I swallowed a bug,” she confessed as she turned back to the crowd after a long pause. “I’m so sorry. It’s totally fine. It’s just stupid.”

“Oh, god,” Swift continued. “Is there any chance none of you saw that?” This was followed by her laughing and gagging.

“This is gonna happen again tonight,” Swift predicted. “There’s so many bugs. There’s 1,000 of them.”

Earlier in the evening, she also calmly dealt with a mic issue with a smile. She tried to start “Lover,” but the malfunction meant no one could hear her. She tried to tinker and troubleshoot with the microphone herself until a stage tech appeared next to her to swap out her very sparkly mic for a regular one.

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