This luxurious 120 Super-yacht is Made of Glass

This luxurious 120 Super-yacht is Made of Glass

This luxurious super-yacht is the creation of Florida’s own Facheris Design. It’s just a little smaller than your average super-yacht, but no less luxurious or missing any perks.

This luxurious 120 Super-yacht is Made of Glass

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Aqueous 120 superyacht. The 120 stands for 120 meters or 393 feet, in length. When’s the last time you rode around on anything this big? Have a look in the gallery for a second then come back to the text.
The process and techniques used in designing the Aqueous 120 are said to be the same used when designing a car. This is to say that 3D modeling was used by the design team in order to create a vessel that works. From hull design to the interior and exterior, all of it can be seen and walked through.

The design you are seeing is quite a unique concept. Even though this super-yacht won’t take you underwater or zip you across oceans in a matter of hours like the SS18, you will, however, have a very clear view of your surroundings. The 120 was designed and built with a very specific material in mind, glass, and lots of it too.

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That’s right, the 120 is constructed using as much glass as possible without affecting structural resistance. Why? What do you mean ‘why,’ people? Think about it! It’s a near 400 foot-long observation deck with nine actual decks and glass walls that allow for natural lighting to flow through the ship, integrating it wonderfully into its surroundings.

Aside from structural supports, suites, and cabins, the 120 uses mostly glass to offer as much visibility as possible, but also to make use of natural light throughout the entire vessel. Some glass parts allow you to see inside the yacht, like some upgraded hater-vision. While other parts block outside eyes. And you can bet your two-cents that this stuff is probably bulletproof. After-all, it does have to be able to take a beating from old Poseidon himself.

With the use of such software, by design, the 120 is able to offer a huge amount of space and even something called ‘transformative capacities.’

Let’s start with the propulsion for this puppy. Hybrid! Yup. You’ll find four 4,290 Hp MTU 20V 4000 M732 Hybrid engines aboard. Uhh, what? I don’t know. All I got from that were four 4,290 hp engines. How far they’ll take you isn’t specified, but how fast? Around 20 knots. The good news is that you’ll be polluting less.

At the rear of the ship lies a 1,312 square foot (400 sqm) deck, which includes an infinity pool, bar, and a lounging area with pads.

The interior of the ship is ready and able to accompany a decent number of guests for its size. Four VIP cabins, eight double cabins, and six single cabins are ready to give you the rest you need after a long night dancing on the decks. To meet the needs of you and your guests will be a 42-man crew.

Here’s where that transformative tech comes in. The forward deck is a bit different than your average super-yacht deck. Here you’ll find a jacuzzi, more lounging options and finally a sun-pad which transforms into a heli-pad when needed. “Sorry to disturb your rays, man!”

Anything more than this isn’t specified about the Aqueous 120. That’s usually because above 500 million U.S. dollars, the owner has a say as to what goes on or off the ship, within functional limits of course.

Aside from this, the 120 has not one but two garage spaces. Here, you and your guests will be able to park your supercars and even the two 36-foot (11m) limousine tenders that are aboard the vessel. You’ll also find the jet-ski and other aquatic toys in this space.

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