250K$ Titanic wreckage tour Gone Wrong

250K$ Titanic wreckage tour Gone Wrong

An Oceangate Submersible from the research vessel The Polar Prince, sent by US and Canadian authorities to tour the Titanic shipwreck in the North Atlantic ocean for 250,000$ per person was reported to be missing.


The Titanic, officially the RMS Titanic, was a luxury steamship in the 20th century. You might have already heard the name from the 1997 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio with the same name, which was a booming success.

The popular ship sailed off of the coast of Newfoundland, a Canadian province, only to clash with an iceberg and sink along with its 2000 on board passengers, resulting in at the very least 1500 casualties.

The shipwreck was only found in 1985, 73 years after its disappearance, 350 miles southeast of Newfoundland.

The Submarine, named Titan, which also departed into the depths of the North Atlantic ocean from the same location just near the coast of Canada to view the wreckage of the reputably known ship, contained around 3 days’ worth of emergency oxygen, meaning it should suffice until approximately 2:30 PM on Thursday ,but it lost contact with the research crew only nearly 2 hours into the operation.
To quote USCGNortheast on twitter, which is leading the operation:

“A USCG C-130 crew is searching for an overdue Canadian research submarine approximately 900 miles off #CapeCod.”
The vessel was thought to be roughly 900 miles (1450 km) away from the coast of CapeCod, a peninsula of Massachusetts; USA, when it disappeared.

Rescue teams

It is impossible to get out of the submersible without the assistance  of the research crew who would need to negate the effects of the bolts applied from the outside, which seal them shut inside of the vehicle.

Rescue teams have hurriedly been sent to save the lives of the men boarding the submarine, in an area which is allegedly hard to navigate.


250K$ Titanic wreckage tour Gone Wrong

Crew of the Titanic touring submersible before its disappearance


Will the crew, of which were revealed to be an infamous billionaire and a business man, make it out alive ? Or will they add to the tragic number of deaths caused by the titanic ?



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